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There are different accidents: traffic accidents, falls, violence, poisoning, burns, drowning ect.

Accident insurance provides a sense of economic protection even when your income declines after an accident as insurance companies pay benefits for disability or in the case of death then next of kin receive an indemnity.  

For whom?

Accident insurance is an excellent source of protection for those who have taken a bank loan or leased property. Reprisals are compensated during a temporary trauma such as bone fractures, dislocations, sprains or concussions. 

Daily allowance is meant to keep the monthly income rate after an accident. the daily allowance is given for treatment days in hospital and at home.

Medical expenses is a compensation for reasonable and substantiated medical expenses due to an accident, such as crutches , joint bands etc.

Permanent disability compensation is paid when after an accident there are permanent damages to the health, i.e. invalidity.

In case of death the beneficiaries or people listed in the contract are paid an indemnity. 

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