Casco insurance offers compensation for damages in case of theft of vehicle or its parts, road accident, vandalism, damages caused by forces of nature or fire.

Casco insurance if offered to vehicles upto 12 years old.  Casco insurance is mandatory for vehicles purchased by lease.

Although casco is voluntary, then on some occasions it may be obligatory. For instance when the vehicle is leased and required by the lease company. It is useful to know that you are not expected to lease from a company assigned by the company but you are free to choose an insurance provider of your liking or who can offer the most favourable rate. However, pay attention that all risks expected by the leasing company are covered. This usually includes vandalism, theft, robbery, fire.

Companies offer different terms and conditions for casco insurances. To meet the terms set by the leasing contract you have to choose super casco or full casco. Take the time and pay attention to the terms and conditions of the insurance. Contact us and we can help to find the best solution for you.

With casco you can also insure additional accessories that were not installed by the manufacturer. Accessories installed by the manufacturer are automatically covered by the insurance. Insurance companies also offer additional insurances, new value cover, replacement car etc. The casco insurance may be done for different types of vehicles, motorbikes, trucks, buses, trailers etc.

When completing the casco insurance the vehicle has to complete a technical inspection that our company will do for free.


You may choose between the following additional covers:

  • The possibility of using a replacement car for a period after an insurance event.
  • New value cover for up to 1 year old vehicles.
  • Insurance for lease payments for up to 7 year old vehicles.
  • Passenger accident cover.
  • When choosing the casco insurance, the technical inspection is done for free.

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