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Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) insurance

A form of liability insurance which covers possible damages that the insurance holder may cause to second party property. All motor insurance related questions are regulated by the Motor Insurance Act.
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About MTPL

MTPL insurance is a form of liability insurance that is obligatory to all motor vehicles that have been registered in Estonia and participate in road traffic.

Since July 2012, mopeds have been made liable for ordinary motor insurance policies. In other words, motor insurance provides a sense of security for the insured property owner as damages will be compensated and even third party participants do not have to pay for the damages themselves.


Damages caused in traffic are compensated by the insurance company to the party or parties.

Injured parties are considered to be the owner of the vehicle, authorised user or the co-passenger who was present during the accident, pedestrians and a third party (traffic sign, garden of private property etc) when their property has been damaged by the road accident.  


Some examples

Insured event:

* damage caused by an insured vehicle.

* damage caused by a moving vehicle.

* the driver assumes responsibility for the damages.


The insurance company offers compensation for personal injuries for the injured party:

* incapacity for work caused by the accident.

* medical treatment expenses.

* death, funeral expenses and decrease in dependent support.

In case of property damage:

* compensation for belongings (personal belongings, vehicle, electronics etc ) and complete destruction.

Damages are not compensated:

* compensation  for personal property of the person who caused the damage, except medical treatment expenses.

* when it is not possible to identify the vehicle responsible for the damages, i.e  unidentified vehicle (no registration number).

* destruction of securities and precious metals.


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