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European Health Insurance Card (Estonian Health Insurance Fund)  offers insurance for urgent medical assistance, yet travel insurance covers the patient’s retention fees, transport fees etc.

It is also recommended to have

Travel Interruption insurance covers cancellation, delay or discontinuation fees.

Baggage insurance covers costs due to baggage disappearance or delays.

When you travel in Europe then you may rely on the European Health Insurance Card for assistance. This is available for travellers who are insured by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. This card allows you to receive required health care on equal terms to insured people living in such country

Be advised that the treatment needs to take place in a state-run medical facility and the treatment may not be completely free for the card holder. There are some costs that you have to cover, for example visitation fees, daily room charge, transportation costs back home in case of a serious injury. 

In any case, we recommend getting travel insurance that covers all unexpected costs that may occur on your journey. This usually refers to health insurance but there are numerous other risks that are worth insuring yourself against. The most common additional insurances that travellers choose to have are baggage insurance and travel interruption insurance. When travel is sport-related and you are planning to go skiing in the mountains then it is highly recommended to insure yourself against accidents.


Insurance companies compensate only those damages that are listed in the contract. These exclusions are always listed in the contract, such as war, coup d’etat, damages caused while intoxicated. Exclusions may vary between insurance companies.

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